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Chapter 162 Visiting The Mission Hall useful station
Following wasting a few minutes shopping using a couple of quests about the surfaces, Yuan noticed one important thing. The majority of these requests were related to slaying monsters or working for a guard for quite a few people with some missions needing only materials, and really few of them ended up not related to Cultivators. For all those objectives that failed to involve any cultivation, nearly all them failed to give Participation Factors, so one can possibly a.s.sume they were created for disciples who only planned to satisfy their task as being a disciple certainly nothing in addition.
"The Ming Friends and family wants Cultivators to clear away magical beasts which have been roaming dangerously around their metropolis. 1 golden coin for every wonderful beast slain. Next stage Character Apprentice and above preferred. 1 Participation Points for every single 30 mystical beasts slain."
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"Eh?" The sect elder checked out Yuan within the encounter using a gawking term. What on the planet was going on on this page? Is he the same human being Disciple Fei wanted? Exactly why is he rotating him or her self in?
"What's your own name?" The sect elder questioned.
"Oh… You can just rip the request over the wall membrane and carry it for the kitchen counter over there—" The disciple pointed into the tables close to the entrance.
'Ah, whichever. It's not my employment to worry about these makes a difference.' The sect elder believed to himself and thought to ignore their circumstance.
"Primary Disciple Fei wants an Outer The courtroom disciple surnamed 'Yuan' who is familiar with the zither. 50 Participation Tips to anyone that will offer accurate facts which leads her to him."
"Interior Judge Disciple Huang is looking for a sparring associate. 1 Share Factors for every hour of sparring. Primary amount to following level Soul Warrior. Connect with at Unhappy Optimum in 72 hours at 3 PM after the putting up night out."
"The Jie Family members wants somebody to manage their household given that they continue a company journey for one week. 15 golden coins. No farming specifications. No Contribution Tips."
'Ah, whatever. It's not my job to cherish these kinds of concerns.' The sect elder considered to himself and chose to pay no attention to their predicament.
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"Intrinsic The courtroom Disciple Huang is looking for a sparring mate. 1 Share Things for almost every hour or so of sparring. Initial stage to following stage Spirit Warrior. Meet up with at Lonely Optimum point in 3 days at 3 PM after the submitting time frame."
'50 Participation Tips only to obtain me?! That's exactly the same degree of compensate since the other vision that expected someone to combat some 'Red Demon'! Fairy Fei? Isn't this the disciple who performed the zither with the Dragon Pavilion? How come she seeking me?' Yuan mumbled to him self.
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Yuan was immediately puzzled via the surroundings during the Mission Hall, since it appeared like some form of unorganized company with written documents pinned all over the wall surfaces. The fact is, a single wouldn't be capable to avoid observing these newspapers regardless of what motion they looked.
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"The Chun Family wants an individual to escort their carriage from Huang City to Jin Location. 100 precious metal being a pay back. Fourth stage Heart Apprentice and above preferred. 5 Participation Points."
'50 Donation Factors merely to discover me?! That's precisely the same measure of pay back as being the other objective that needed people to deal with some 'Red Demon'! Fairy Fei? Isn't this the disciple who played out the zither for the Dragon Pavilion? The reason why she seeking me?' Yuan mumbled to themself.
"Sect Elder Bai coming from the Glowing Lance Palace is looking for perfectly extracted 'Poison Sacs' from Demonic Spiders. 1,000,000 golden coins every. No farming specifications. 5 Contribution Things for each and every change."
After investing a couple of minutes seeking via a handful of objectives on the surfaces, Yuan spotted the one thing. The majority of these demands had been connected with slaying monsters or behaving to be a secure for a few families with many objectives requiring only resources, and really couple of them had been not linked to Cultivators. For these missions that did not need any cultivation, the majority of them did not give Participation Factors, so anyone can a.s.sume they were intended for disciples who only wanted to meet their task as a disciple and absolutely nothing in addition.
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Immediately after going into the building, Yuan approached the pinned paperwork over the walls and commenced looking through several them.
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"I'd prefer to admit this goal from Central Disciple Fei." Yuan revealed the get for the sect elder behind the desk.
'781… I would be excellent for some time even when I don't do any quests. However, I truly do want to encounter what it might be prefer to accept a intention. I don't wish to holiday outside of the sect so I'll choose one developed by a fellow disciple.'
Yuan was immediately puzzled from the ambiance during the Intention Hallway, because it checked like some sort of unorganized business office with newspapers pinned everywhere on the surfaces. In fact, just one wouldn't have the ability to prevent observing these papers regardless which track they checked.
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"Eh?" The sect elder viewed Yuan inside the facial area with a gawking manifestation. What on the globe was happening right here? Is he a similar person Disciple Fei needed? The reason why he changing themselves in?
Yuan study these yellow-colored missions regarding his attraction piqued, 'So even disciples can produce their own individual ask for to make the Vision Hall, huh? Nevertheless, won't disciples have the capacity to misuse this by coordinating together so they are able comprehensive every single other's vision and steer clear of carrying out genuine objectives to satisfy their disciple jobs?'
Knowing that, Yuan started seeking through the vast majority of objectives that have been asked for by disciples within the Dragon Heart and soul Temple.
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Following trying to find a matter of minutes, Yuan's gaze suddenly ended at a particular quest, generally since it outlined anything that immediately found his interest.
"Reason me, this is certainly my newbie in the Objective Hallway. How will i acknowledge a vision?" Yuan inquired the disciple inside a friendly speech.
"Primary Disciple Fei is looking for an Outer Court disciple surnamed 'Yuan' who seems to be familiar with the zither. 50 Contribution Tips to anyone who provides correct data leading her to him."
Following thinking for a lot of even more, Yuan converted to look at the disciple status beside him and gently tapped the disciple's arm.

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